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Property Management

Property Management

Perform a thorough examination of the home followed by a detailed report of the property condition with a summary sheet prioritizing the needs of the home.

Regardless of the age of your home, the first step is to determine it’s current condition. After our careful and detailed exam of your home, we schedule a consultation between THM and you the homeowner to review the results of the exam. Whether there are no items or a few, and maybe even some new home warranty items, we will agree on a plan to correct any items found according to a time and financial plan that is conducive for you.

Manage the routine services you use now.

Regular maintenance such as lawn care, pest control, pool, and maid services will all be directed by THM. THM will also help you add services that you deem important for the care of your home. If you are satisfied with your team of contractors we will manage them, but if you are looking to change one, some or all, we can help. There is no additional cost from THM for managing these regular maintenance services. No more paying a multitude of checks each month for your home maintenance. We process the charges and send you just one monthly bill for all the services.

Emergency first responder.

As your primary house provider THM will be your first and only call. THM will determine the cause of the unexpected issue and will coordinate with the appropriate contractor(s) who will cure the issue.

Coordinate all contractors to perform repairs, remodeling and upgrades.

THM will bid and schedule all the work which you request to have done on the home. You are relieved of the pressure of finding trusted and competent contractors and ensuring proper completion of the work.

Meet contractors at your home when you are not available.

THM will meet contractors at your home so your day is not interrupted by having to be at the house for their scheduled visits. How often have you waited on a contractor through their ‘window of arrival’ only to find they have been delayed and you have wasted a precious amount of your day. THM removes the frustration of waiting on contractors.

Assist with all your real estate transactions.

As a licensed real estate broker and MLS member, THM is able to assist you in all your real estate transactions and will do so at a substantial savings in brokerage fees. So whether you are buying for investment, growing out of your present home or desiring to down size, THM is able to offer you full real estate brokerage at reasonable rates.

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